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Ideal Education System in 21-st Century: What Politicians Fail to See

Many things have changed throughout the development of human society. The educational system, however, has been persistently founded upon the same principles. Students get into classrooms from a very early age, and they start learning things they are not interested in. The educational system has gone through significant changes, but its foundation is still the same: the curriculums and teaching methods are supposed to put individual students in a mold.

Politicians don’t feel responsible for revolutionizing the educational system in a way that would enable each student to express creativity and individuality. They fail to see that the rebellion of modern students is not because the new generations are restless and almost stupid. It’s because the educational system hasn’t evolved along with the needs of modern students.

How Students Trick the System

  • They always find new ways to cheat on exams. Cheat sheets are outdated, although they are still an effective way to trick outdated professors. Today’s students easily distract their teachers, take photos of the test with their smartphones, send those photos to the helpers in shade, and get answers for a straight A. This is only one of the many tricks that students use to cheat.

  • They don’t write papers. Schools and teachers fail to understand that the assignments they impose exceed students’ capacity. They keep requesting more project, which students simply cannot complete. That’s why most of them plagiarize papers, paraphrase content they find online, or buy papers from friends or online services.

  • They can easily pay other students or graduates to take online courses for them.

When people ask politicians to take responsibility for the failure of the educational system, they stick to the same old point of view: the system is just fine; it’s the attitude of new generations that’s flawed. The children who are falling behind are being “diagnosed” with ADD or ADHD. In reality, these kids are normal representatives of modern generations.

New Kids Need a New System

Every human being is born with natural curiosity. When the educational system doesn’t satisfy that curiosity and puts the students in a mold, they grow up learning how to comply with the standards. They find different ways to complete tasks with minimal effort, simply because they have no interest in them. Although modern teachers are trying to elevate the level of engagement with the implementation of technology, the main concept of the educational system remains the same: you have to learn what everyone else learns; otherwise you’re dumb.

True learning can no longer occur in the traditional system. The attitude has changed, and the needs and mindset of the latest generations of students have also changed. The traditional curriculums are outdated because they don’t allow the students to develop critical, creative, and analytical thinking skills. They just bore them to the boiling point – the moment when they decide they don’t like learning and they have to rely on different tricks just to get good grades.

The way students are being evaluated and ranked is completely irrelevant to the skills they need to develop. These kids, the same ones we diagnose with ADHD, are going to rule countries in the future. It’s about time for politicians to react and make the education more flexible, since that’s the only way towards a better tomorrow.

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  1. Margaret Margaret

    I agree with all of this. As a teacher I’m frustrated by what joyless places many schools have become. It doesn’t have to be this way and our children deserve better.

  2. Bruno Bruno

    It is amazing how everybody has all the answers in respect of education. As a teacher you can’t possibly please all the people all of the time. I just teach every child as I would expect my own to be taught.

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