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The Educational Revolution: Students Use Technology and Innovation to Compete

Technology changed the way students learn today. Learners are now turning to technologies to stay focused, find the information they need, and move beyond the instruction-led lectures that kill their interest and imagination.

Thanks to online platforms and resources, educators have started upgrading curriculum content and making the lectures more organic. They can share their teaching techniques and resources with other teachers, but they can also get or buy important materials. Teachers Pay Teachers and WiseWire are only two of the many dynamic online communities where teachers can create and sell educational content, and find high-quality materials that will be appropriate for their class.

Due to the fact that educators have access to all kinds of resources that help them enrich the curriculum, they can develop an individual approach that enhances the learning skill of each student in the classroom. WiseWire, for example, enables teachers to create playlists on specific topics, and provide their students with access to instructor-led lessons, multimedia content, and tests that inspire them to make dynamic progress through the curriculum.

Many educators are managing to find the right balance between technology trends and the traditional schooling system, which is still the basis of today’s education. Khan Academy is a great example of how a teacher can use the Internet and creative presentation techniques to bring the good old math concepts back to life. These presentations are based on language that today’s students can understand.

However, some teachers face a serious challenge: technology is growing with a rapid pace they cannot keep up with. They find it difficult to understand the Internet slang and connect with their students through the 140-character Twitter model. Students of all ages want to get consistent social media updates, educative visual content, and quick responses to their questions on social networks. These social media platforms are part of their lives, so teachers need to use them in a way that inspires the students to learn more.

Plickers and Socrative are great tools that allow teachers to understand how well their students understand the lectures they are teaching. Teachers can use technology to publish real-time polls and quizzes that keep students engaged in the learning process. This is a very important aspect of the contemporary educational system, since it develops a healthy competitive environment that inspires students to be more creative.

When a teacher ignores the importance of technology in the learning process, the students don’t get interested enough in the lectures. The one-way lecturing methods are boring and uninspiring. That’s why most of these students end up ordering their projects from services. If, on the other hand, the educator inspires students to learn through creative online tools, websites and apps, they are motivated to research and learn more.

Although schools have limited resources and scarce budgets, teachers can still find ways to introduce educational technology into the classroom. There are several affordable cloud-based solutions that help teachers and students benefit from technology.

The important thing to remember is that we still need talented, energetic, and clever teachers. However, we also need them to adjust their roles in accordance with the needs of the current generation of students. Thanks to technology, educators can enhance students’ competitive spirit and innovation skills.

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