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Ideal Education System in 21-st Century: What Politicians Fail to See

Many things have changed throughout the development of human society. The educational system, however, has been persistently founded upon the same principles. Students get into classrooms from a very early age, and they start learning things they are not interested in. The educational system has gone through significant changes, but its foundation is still the same: the curriculums and teaching methods are supposed to put individual students in a mold.

Politicians don’t feel responsible for revolutionizing the educational system in a way that would enable each student to express creativity and individuality. They fail to see that the rebellion of modern students is not because the new generations are restless and almost stupid. It’s because the educational system hasn’t evolved along with the needs of modern students.

Steps for Ensuring that Your MBA Dissertation is Perfect

You have not proven that you are ready to start succeeding in the business world until you have written the MBA dissertation. If you decided to opt for a particular MBA program, you are soon to enjoy the numerous benefits that come with the degree. However, until you reach that point, your main concern must be writing the best MBA dissertation possible. In order to help you do this, we have gathered a list of the most important steps that lead to writing a perfect MBA dissertation.