Can’t Think of a Topic? Here are Some Amazing UK Dissertation Topics for You!

The time has come for you to write your dissertation. Once it gets approved, all that’s left to do is defend it and you’ll get the degree. You worked so hard for this, so congratulations for getting to this part!

But, while this is the final step in your educational path, it doesn’t make it any easier. With so many options, it’s hard to come up with dissertation topics ideas. Even if you have a few preferred ones, it’s still very hard to choose.

Choosing the topic for your dissertation is very important. It can affect everything from how interesting it will be to write to how much information you’ll find about it to how relevant it will be to your subject.

Very often, students spend weeks scouring the libraries trying to figure out what to write about. The dissertation marks their entrance in the field as degree-holding academics. When they write a dissertation, they need to prove that they are experts in the field, which makes this choice harder than any other topic selection.

Our expert writers have created this list of things that your choice of a topic must use:

  • Relevant to the subject
  • Topic you find engaging and interesting
  • You know that you can find enough data research to write it
  • Attracts the interest in those who read it
  • Is current and engaging

Of course, you’ll need some ideas in order to check them against this list. We have great news for you. Our writers have also created lists of good dissertation topics to inspire and guide you.

Ideas for Marketing Dissertation Topics

If you are looking for a topic in marketing dissertation subjects, you’ve come to the right place. As people who are constantly writing assignments in this field, we are aware of what is current, researchable, and engaging for the audience. Let’s take a look at the examples our writers came up with.

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics You Can Use

Digital marketing is a very interesting subject and a career choice that promises many opportunities to those that get their degree. Nowadays, digital promotion is more widespread than ever. It’s not limited to website advertising or PPC or social media. This gives you endless options for topics, and here are some of the best:

  1. Crossing the line in user privacy: What’s covered in privacy laws and regulations; and what might be considered too much by the user
  2. Blogging of today: Is this a good tool for promoting a business or is a website and social presence enough?
  3. Challenges of content marketing today: the growing list of content types and who needs to create them
  4. Web analytics in digital marketing: how it improves a brand’s performance
  5. The case of Apple: an analysis of product customization at a successful company
  6. Digital marketing in the work of Android: what’s the impact on their success?
  7. Nike and product personalization over the years
  8. Consumer’s perception and the impact it has of their choice of an online brand
  9. The ‘word of mouth’ phenomena in the digital world: how it helps brands promote themselves online
  10. Shopping in 2023: the risks and how we deal with them

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics to Inspire You

Social media marketing has become so widely used that it’s a separate branch from digital marketing today. If you need to write a topic on social media marketing, you have endless choices for each platform available to users. Let’s take a look at some examples:

  1. Large corporations and social media: do they need it?
  2. Microblogs on Twitter: is this the right place for a marketing campaign?
  3. Copyright debates found on social media: debating online reposting
  4. Food brands on Instagram: content analysis over the years
  5. Transparency and bias in social media reviews
  6. The choice to post or hide social media reviews: good or bad for businesses?
  7. Paid advertising on social media: reach and success
  8. An examination of different Facebook user comments on a business
  9. Banner advertising on Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Twitter
  10. Newsfeed restrictions and its impact on the consumer’s behavior toward using the platform

Retail Dissertation Topics You Might Like

Retail is a big part of digital marketing today. Most brands have switched at least partly to ecommerce, and almost all of them use the digital world to widen their audience and increase their reach, even if they don’t sell online. Not to mention, the ecommerce industry is bigger than ever.

If you want to tackle this field and need some topics, here are some examples:

  1. How consumer behavior affected the creation of retail management over the years
  2. The growth of the ecommerce sector during the COVID-19 pandemic
  3. How is retail management linked to overall management in a company
  4. Consumer behavior analysis and search engines: how does this affect the retail industry?
  5. Legal documentation of medicine retailers in X country
  6. How unauthorized retail marketing affects the public health
  7. Opening a physical store vs. retailing your products online
  8. Sales strategies in luxury retail brands in X country: an evaluation
  9. Legal requirements for becoming a retailer around the world: do people follow the system?
  10. Illegal retail stores on social media: how legal bodies are tackling the issue