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The Order of Dissertation Explained in Detail

Any writer we give your dissertation order to will create the same structure, the same order of chapters in your paper. Surely, they all have different skills and talents, but generally speaking, the arrangement of contents in this assignment is the same wherever and whatever you study.

Without any further ado, here is how the order of dissertation looks like:

  • Title page. It contains the name of your dissertation, the name of the school where you study, your mentor’s name, the date, etc.
  • Abstract. Usually written last, this chapter will give the reader the overall goal of the research in just a few sentences.
  • Introduction. It tells the reader what the paper is about and helps them determine the how, the why, and the what of the research before they continue with the literature review.
  • Literature review. Literature reviews always follow the introduction. This is the part where we discuss other materials on the same or similar topic. It’s where all that research falls into place – the journals, the articles, the books we read about the topic, etc. We’ll also identify gaps in this part of the paper.
  • Methodology. Based on the general guidelines for order of a dissertation, the literature review is followed by the methodology section. In it, we tell the readers about the type of research data we’ll present and how we obtained it. This part speaks of research types, how the data is collected and stored, what tools are used, and how it is analyzed.
  • Findings. This section lists, but doesn’t elaborate on the findings of the methodology. In some cases, the discussion section is combined with this one, in which case you need to also discuss the findings.
  • Discussions. In most cases, we write the two separately unless stated otherwise. In the discussions part, we’ll talk about the findings and answer the research questions.
  • Conclusion. Every academic paper ends with conclusion, but this one carries great importance. We don’t just summarize the findings and the research questions, but we also speak of options for future research, gaps, etc.
  • Acknowledgements. In this part, we’ll acknowledge the individuals that you want to mention in your paper.
  • Reference list/appendices. These part will list the sources used in the paper, as well as the appendices.


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