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It is never easy to write a full-length thesis or dissertation, but if you have already managed to finish one, you should read it a few times before you make the final submission. Even if you think your paper is flawless, you will have to change your mind when you read it once again. The problem is that some students are not a good editors or proofreaders and they simply cannot catch all possible grammatical, stylistic, or typographical errors. On the other hand, some students don't possess enough knowledge about English, as it's not their first language – this keeps them from identifying the errors they may have in their thesis or dissertation. The best idea to ensure your writing is impeccable, simply come to UK-dissertation.com, and use our editing service.

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When it comes to using an editing service, it is important to ensure that you opt for the most professional and reputable service provider. Not everyone can edit your thesis, dissertation, or other academic papers. Only a professional knows how to ensure that your paper is flawless, unique, and properly formatted. That's when you can rely on the services of our professional editors.

Our editors have years of experience and are available around the clock to offer editing service. They check your paper for everything. They start by checking the overall organization of your paper and ensure that everything is organized, coherent, and logical. They check your paragraph structure and check it for transitions, controlling ideas, appropriate support, etc. Speaking of grammatical issues, they ensure there are no sentence structure problems – they check for parallel presentation of ideas, coordination, proper subordination, etc.

Not only will our editors take care of all stylistic and grammatical mistakes, they will also pay attention to how your teacher has asked you to format your paper. They are familiar with different citation styles, including APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, etc., so it becomes easier for them to find and fix errors.

What it means is that if you have already done the hard work and finished writing a thesis or another academic paper, make sure to have it edited before you submit it for grading. Use our editing service for maximum satisfaction!

Our professional editing services can even style and format for you:

Stylistic feedback and editing

  • Optimum organization: overall focus and attention to thesis, unity, coherence, logical conclusions, avoiding redundancies, etc.
  • Paragraph structure: controlling ideas, transitions, appropriate support, etc.
  • Sentence structure: varied structures, proper subordination and coordination, parallel presentation of ideas, etc.
  • Appropriate tone and diction
  • Content evaluation: thesis, argument evaluation, development, effective support, and logical conclusions.

Formatting feedback and correction:

  • Documentation: incorporating quotations, parenthetical citations, and works cited pages, bibliographies, footnotes and endnotes
  • Evaluation of sources for timeliness, authenticity, and credibility.

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